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Article types, tag groups, tags and articles

Product types

An article type helps to pre-configure the basic settings for your articles. For example you can specify the language of an article or set whether the article may receive rating by your customers. The article type is to be regarded as a binder for specific articles. If you have re-registered your portal, an article type "Post" will automatically be created for you.

Tag groups and tags

A tag group collects tags and can be attached as a module to one side of your FAQ portal. The tags can in turn be attached to their articles.Example situation:

Example situation:

You have a company that sells smartphones and tablets and you want to help their customers with common mistakes. So you create a tag group with the tag "smartphones" and the tag "tablets". Let's say you've created a new article on tablets. Now you just forgive the tag "Tablets" and the article appears below the tag "Tablets".

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