Articles (en) by WSF Support on 11.10.2018 13:41

Display article as article stream

1. To display your articles as an article stream, first navigate to Pages and Click on the pencil icon to edit the page.

2. Now select the tab Tabs and click there on the pencil icon to edit the tab.

3. You can now edit the contents of the tab. To display an article stream in the tab, drag the article stream module into the area below. The area below represents the columns of the tab. Since only one column is set here, this tab displays the article stream full-page. Now click on the pencil icon to make some settings on the article stream.

4. First give it a title. In the following example, an article stream will be created that displays all articles of the user wsf, so it will also be given the title.
Under the item "Show only articles from these users" you can now search for the user wsf. By clicking on the plus, the user is added. Click on OK to close the window.

5. IMPORTANT: Click on the blue memory button to save your settings. Then you can look at the result by clicking on the eye (frontend), in the black bar.

6. The result should look something like this:

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