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Group Visibility for Pages

Should there be a need to make a page visible only to a particular group, this can easily be set via the visibility category at the bottom of each page.

1. Visibilities Standard Groups

If none of the groups are selected, the page is visible to all groups (as shown above).
If, on the other hand, you select the group of portal managers, the page is only visible to them.

The visibility is staggered as follows:

Portal Manager can see all pages of default roles                       => Portal Manager, Supervisor, Editor, Normal User

Supervisor can see the pages of the following roles                    => Supervisor, Editor, Normal User

Editor can see the pages of the following roles                             => Editor, Normal User

Normal user can see the pages of the following roles                 => Normal user


This page would be visible to the Supervisor and Portal Manager.

2. Visibilities of custom groups

Pages whose visibility is set for a custom group will then only be visible to them.



This page is only visible to New group.

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